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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  March 14, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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. this is kpix5 news on the cw. one, i'm not a sixth grader. >> that was just the beginning. what prompted a rebut l rebutal on capitol hill. one man is dead, now investigators are trying to figure out what happened. >> an opening day now set for the long awaited bypass for the notorious stretch of the bay area highway. a look at the finishing touches for the tunnels at devil's slide. >> a heated debate on capitol hill as senate committee
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approves the weapons bill. the fireworks involved a california senator. >> i walked in. i saw people shocked. i looked body that has been shot with these weapons. >> now kpix5's joe vazquez is in the newsroom with details with the emotional exchange. >> senator dianne feinstein who proposed the assault weapons ban and she has taken heat from republicans. today, when a tea party senator who just been elected a few months ago started in, she decided she had enough of that. >> it seems to me that a lot of this should begin as our foundational document. >> the drama begins with freshman senator of texas, telling california senator feinstein a weapons ban is unconstitutional. >> and the second amendment provides that the right of the people to keep and bare arms will not be infringed. >> senator, i've been on this
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committee for twenty years. i was a mayor for nine years. i walked in, i saw people shot. >> feinstein is referring to the fact that back in 1978, she was one of the first to find mayor and harvey milk after they were assassinated at san francisco city hall. >> you know, it's fine you want to lecture me on the constitution. i appreciate it. just know i have been here for a long time. i studied the constitution myself and i am reasonably well educated and i thank you for the lecture. you use the word, prohibit, it exempts 2,271 weapons. isn't that enough for the people and the united states? >> ms. chairman. >> did you have a chance to speak with senator cruz after that public exchange? >> no, i needed to cool down. >> i just felt patronized. i felt he was arrogant about it. you know, when you come from where i come from and what
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you've seen and when you found a dead body and you put your finger in bullet holes, you really realize the impact of weapons. >> in the end, the senate judiciary committee approved the bill banning 157 different molds of assault weapons and magazines that carry more than ten bullets. the approval is 10 to 8 on party line votes. it needs 60 votes, which right now seems unlikely. >> by the way, any bill would have to go through the house, which is majority republican, of course. so what are the chances of getting any kind of weapons reform, joe? >> it doesn't look like this banning assault weapons is going to get through the house. there is talk right now that there's some consensus about background checks and that may be about what they get through here. >> see what happens. joe vazquez, thank you. >> chilling new revelations about the gunman about the massacre. investigators who searched adam's home say they found
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documents on virtually every masked murder in the u.s. and elsewhere. they believe lanza studied those shootings. he killed twenty-first graders and six adults, including his mother before killing himself. police are investigating a deadly shooting at the richmond bart station. a station agent reported hearing gunfire about 6:20 this evening. he died at the scene. one witness described what she saw. >> everyone heard gun shots and ran to the back of the bart station. i ran as well and asked the agent if it was safe to return upstairs. he said he didn't know. and as i was walking up the stairs after everyone decided to leave, that's when i saw the body. >> and the shooter, we are told, is still at large tonight. well, it is 6:00 a.m. in vatican city where pope francis is beginning his second
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full day as the pope. daniel nottingham shows us he has given the faithful reason to believe he will bring changes to the church. >> pope francis celebrated his first mass as pontiff the same place he got the job. his appearance before the cardinals who elected him brought closure to the conclave. pope francis delivered his homily off the cuff in italian, not from a prepared statement in latin. the day featured other breaks from tradition. he travel around rome in a volkswagen. a much more humble ride. when he stopped to pray, it was at a small church when he frequented when he was in rome. afterward, he checked in last week as a cardinal. he picked up his own bill and talked to management about
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settling his bill. he will give his address from the balcony. on tuesday, he'll celebrate his mass, no tickets will be required. the vatican says everyone is invited. the pope's fondness for being among the people has the vatican adjusting his security detail, but there's been a recent precedent for that. >> remember john paul ii, how many rules that he broke in terms of security and going where he wished to go. >> pope francis ended his first full day by unsealing the papal above st. peter's square. it will be his permanent residence. in vatican city, danielle nottingham, kpix5. >> and college students were in st. peter's square, for their firsthand account, you can go to our website. here in the bay area, catholics held masses in thanksgiving for the new pope.
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san francisco archbishop officiated today's mass at st. mary's cathedral. they are grateful for pope francis and welcome him with joyful anticipation. >> it's exciting to have a new pope. one that took the name of our patron saint. saint francis. >> we have a holy father to guide us and lead us and to govern our church. >> i thank you, my lord, because it is important for the catholic church, and everybody. >> the hispanic population says they are glad to see representation from an hispanic country. >> hoping to get congress to reach some kind of deal on the budget. cbs reporter, tara mergener has the politics and the menu.
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>> president obama came to the capital for the third day in a row. republican senators greeted the president before heading into their lunch. >> i appreciate you serving lobster today. >> that's what i would expect. >> the administration is trying to meet congress half way to solve the budget problem. >> he would put forward a very specific budget, but the congress has to come together. >> it won't be easy. senate democrats presented their first budget in four years on wednesday and it did not go over well with the gop. >> in a time we are living through the weakest economic recovery since the great depression. this budget is going to make it more difficult to get unemployment down and people back to the work. >> the president is trying to strike a balance, looking for republicans to agree on higher taxes and getting members of his own party to support deep spending cuts. democratic senator, bob casey,
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says the president's charm offensive is working, but in the end, congress has to learn to work together. >> i think the prospects are better than they've been, at least in the last 18 months. we have to work hard. >> some senators who met with the president expressed optimism. >> i'm hopeful this conversation was a positive step in that direction. >> the white house says the president will now step back and let congress sort out their differences. tara for cbs news, capitol hill. and the president will be back in the bay area next month for the first time since the campaign. he'll reportedly host a pair of democratic fundraisers in san francisco on april 3 and 4. the white house isn't giving anymore details just yet. >> after more than 16 million tolls, the ride is almost over. but from those who spent much of their lives on the golden gate bridge, only to be replaced by computers. and the stock market is on
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fire. another record close today. why analysts believe investors are so excited these days. >> a lot oaf us have been excited about the sunshine this year. we're 9- inches in the hole rain fall wise in san francisco and half a foot for san jose and rivermore. find out how much we may make up some solid rain fall ground. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the numbers. keeps going up, another record day on wall street. jason brooks has the numbers. >> make it ten wins in a row for the blue chips. another record setting day for the dow, eight straight, closing up 84 points and the s and p closing within two points of its record close of 1565 back in october of 2007. that ten session streak for the dow is its longest since november of 1996. you could credit a strengthening job market for this. labor department reported a drop of 10,000 first-time unemployment claims to 332,000. on top of that strong gain in february and the dropping unemployment rate, investors like what they are seeing. >> inflation remains mild.
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we're just days away from the opening of a long awaited bay area bypass. the twin tunnels are among the most sophisticated in the country. david jackson shows us after eight years of hard work, caltrans is down to the finishing touches. >> shiny new austrian designed tunnel. the first new tunnels in 50 years, ready to serve residents on the peninsula with people relieved the long delayed wait is finally over. >> i have lived here 13 years and this has been a long journey to get to this point. >> residents are excited about the opening of the tunnels for a number of reasons. there's the speed and safety issue of their commute going north and south, but equally as important, they believe these tunnels mean money. money in the form of real estate values. the old roads have long been crumbling and dangerous. treacherous landslides have killed people over the years and stopped others from living
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on the south san materms ma teo coast. >> i have some knowledge about what goes on around here. i know people would probably move to the coast or the coast would be more desirable once the tunnel was opened. >> i think the people that were weary about driving this section of the freeway would be more safe and more comfortable driving. i think yeah, i think the property values might go up as well. >> it's too early to start printing that money. the age of modern travel is about to begin on highway 1. and there are thousands of people convinced there's a big win fall coming with it. in pacifica, david jackson, kpix5. >> this is california's first highway tunnel in nearly 50 years. the last one was the tunnel that opened in 1964. the golden gate bridge toll is going electronic inless than
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two weeks. that is good news for drivers who want to keep traffic moving. for the toll collectors, it's a bittersweet end. mike spent to one worker who spent almost half her life on that bridge. >> the golden gate bridge has taken a toll. 16.1million times. >> have a great day. >> 19 years, five days a week, minus vacation. one every six seconds, rain or shine. >> the heater never works. thank you. >> but they will toll no more, a week from wednesday. humans aren't needed here anymore. >> the golden gate bridge will become the first in the u.s. to go all electronic. >> i'm going to miss you, too. >> license plates will generate bills you'll get in the mail if you aren't hooked up. a 75 year tradition is in
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progress. oh yeah, the people, too. >> i've had people, guys propose to the girls in the lane. i have had people meet in the lanes. pay for the person behind them and then months later, they're a couple now because he paid for the lady behind him. >> it will cost $16 million over eight years. $2million. $2million to buy a house to knock it down. didn't seem like that money. 66million in the hole every dollar, every six dollars, counts. >> hello. >> i think it's lousy. they need jobs. >> i think it will ease traffic. >> angelina's cafe. thank you. >> today, poll takers were treated to lunch by a grateful leading business. you wouldn't think people who take your money would bring out
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such feelings. >> we don't want to say good- bye. >> and progress clearly is taking its toll on jackie dean and her colleague. mike sugarman, kpix5. >> a bit of history going away. the last day for miss dean and her 27 coworkers. the district says it's finding other roles within the organization. >> students are trying to save city college of san francisco. several gathered to ask the board of supervisors for help. >> the community united will never be decided. >> a critical deadline. if the administration does not come up with a plan by tomorrow, they could lose. tonight, students asked the fund their cool and reverse cuts to classes. >> an overpass in the city.
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>> certainly was. 15 degrees cooler in a few spots. we are so sensitive that you shift it. and there goes the 70s. they were certainly gone today. beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. we'll take you outside tonight. the traffic moving along. beautifully. one of the landmarks. all dropping down to 45 degrees tonight. another night with a clear radar, strongest radar coming up in town. we'll talk about that. let's go super local here, down to vallejo. your forecast for tomorrow with morning fog, afternoon sunshine. high of 71. maybe on saturday, take the children to children's
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wonderland park. a high of 71 dei degrees. a lot of cloud cover because the winds shifted back on shore and high pressure moved. that allowed cloud cover to move through. we are clearing out tonight, but the low clouds and fog will be back tomorrow. high pressure over top. now it's moved to our south and east, allowing that on shore flow. rain isn't coming back. we're not going to cool down to the 60s inland. cooler afternoon. next week, i'm watching a low pressure area getting ready. it will take a several day trip down to the bay area, getting here by tuesday, setting the stage for next wednesday to be a very soggy day. some computer models say up to an sp of rain possible. foggy mornings, but you'll get the afternoon sunshine. it will be mild and dry into monday and that rain comes back
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as early as tuesday evening. hivermore tomorrow, beautiful. sunny vail 72. san ma they inland, pleasantton. low to mid 70s. and san francisco in the mid to upper 60s. pleasant through the weekend, low 70s. sunny afternoon. there's the rain moving in tuesday evening and there's your soggy day on wednesday. low f 0s with rain likely. we could use it, perfect timing. let's do it. >> i saw some people wearing shorts last week. no, it's going to rain. >> no jeans until may. >> no shorts until may. >> we'll talk to poem in the feature tonight, lin santi.
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bay area hoops hero, jeremy lin took center stage tonight for the kickoff of the centre for asian-american media film festival. >> the event will feature 130 asian and asian-american films. tonight, it was all about lynn sanity. a san francisco film maker was following lynn's every move. tonight, his parents were part
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of the showing of that documentary. >> i'm very excited and we can make it. >> okay. >> still very good for my son. >> it's a story that needs to be told. we are pursuing him, the real deal, and what he was already doing with something i needed to share with the world. >> it is a cool story. the film festival runs through next sunday. the world's best baseball team is headed to san francisco and cal men's basketball trip to vegas. no vacation. we will capitalize it all in a minute. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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lookin' a bit dicey... wayne st cal men's basketball, a lock for the ncaa tournament? suddenly it's looking dicey. start the clock. first round of the pack 12 tournament against utah. bears second seeded, up three, but no more. forcing buckets, but in the extra period, utah took control. jason would throw it. they wouldn't give up. 79-69 the bears are coming home. sharks hosting the stanley cup champion, l.a. king. sharks up a goal in the second. matt erwin on a power play, shoots one. right between the pipes. sharks win it 4-3. world baseball classic, miami, where the u.s.a. could not keep the domincan down. a 9th inning tie, they win


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